Sunday, November 13, 2005

Weekend, Hurrah!

So. I am five stickers into the 21-sticker behemoth that is the Starbucks 2006 planner. This is my goal for the year, even though I am mainly a Seattle's Best girl at heart. Unfortunately, the SBC iPod raffle is less appealing because not only do I have to spend Php200+ per purchase (and I can't do that since I'm usually by myself when I go there), winning the iPod depends on the weekly raffle. Not cool. But still, I'm three stamps out of the five I need for my raffle ticket, so we'll see how it goes. ^_^

Work-wise, I already have my own desk, which is conveniently near my bosses' door, which means neither of them have to call from across the room. It used to be that for the first couple of weeks I was bunking with the back-up computer in the pantry - yes, our office is that small and cramped that I am IN THE PANTRY, but thanks to a number of wannabe-interior designers and some judicious reshuffling, not only does our pantry now LOOK like a pantry, but I have also been given a desk and a new computer. I've been doing a bit of housekeeping earlier and managed to learn how to (a) sync my Palm Pilot with my PC (with lots of "Oh! So that's how it works!" exclamtions in between), (b) make more use of Microsoft Outlook - though right now my officemate and I are wondering why I can't seem to receive any mail over there, but I can send. And yes, I have a spiffy new email signature that goes with my oh-so-official email address, just to prove to people that yeah, I work there. ^_^ I'm just waiting for my own business card and official office ID and everything will be all set.

Yes, I'm excited for things like that. The trappings of a yuppie.

Anyway, I've also managed to move all my writing paraphernalia over at the office, stuff which I never seem to get to use at home because of the simple fact that I'm never at home. I'm also looking forward to getting my own little storage desk and files and trays and stuff like that, simply because in my old job, I barely had space to move, especially since my seatmate kept on spilling her paperwork over to my own little desk. So right now, looking at the expanse of my space, I'm at a loss on how to fill it up. Still, I'm thinking of getting headphones and a nice calendar and some Post-Its and lots of pretty things and...okay, yes, I know it's just my office desk. I should behave.

But still...pretty desk...^_^

(So yes, during Christmas, I am accepting Office Desk Paraphernalia. And socks. And Pretty Bracelet Thingies.)

As for NUS, I've managed to send out my recommendation forms already (Sir Butch and Ma'am Chingbee were nice enough to say YES to my request), and I should be getting it by the end of the month. What's getting to me are the fees: the fee for my transcript being sent to Singapore, my TOEFL score being sent to Singapore, the application fee for applying to NUS, etc. Stupid fecking postgraduate expenses. If they had told me how expensive these things could be, I never would have tried out. Ah well, I'm hoping it will still be all right in the end. After all, trying never really hurt anyone - except maybe my wallet and bank account.

Now all I need to do is find enough time to finish my freelance projects, get started on my creative endeavors, and find time to sleep. Whoever said that 24 hours per day is enough for a person to do everything they have to do must be sorely mistaken. Still, I can't complain. I'm still loving every minute of it.

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