Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Best Christmas Gift Ever

Before, I used to look towards the future as some hazy, nebulous thing that will come when it comes, and nothing more, nothing less than that. I used to be such a party pooper, inevitably disappointed when somebody cancels on me, or there's a sudden change of plans. One of my pet peeves, particularly a couple of years ago, was when someone would invite me to go out (whether it's just one person or a bunch of friends) and then cancel all of a sudden because of reasons that COULD have been prevented. Nowadays, there's some sort of balance, I think, in the sense that if someone cancels because of reasons that really cannot be faulted, I know it's not the end of the world and it will make no sense to become greatly disappointed. Things are never really permanent, anyway.

In other words, if Plan A doesn't work, there's always Plan B. ^_^

However, if there's one person that I know will never cancel, it's my boyfriend. One of the conversations we have whenever he's in town is usually centered around our schedule for the following week. Time is always precious for us, since he's a couple of provinces away and we're both incredibly busy with our careers and respective lives, so we always make sure to at least reserve a day to spend with each other. This time around, he said that he can only spare me Wednesday morning (today) for breakfast - it's an incredibly busy time for their bakery, since it's already the Christmas season and a lot of people are snapping up native delicacies for parties and gifts and whatnot. Of course, for me, breakfast time is really better than no time at all, so I agreed.

So of course, Wednesday being set, imagine my surprise when he texted Tuesday early morning, and said, "Good morning, Gabby! How are you? Are you feeling better this morning? (Note: I was feeling under the weather) Hey, about Wednesday breakfast, sorry we have to cancel it...Mama wanted me to rest. Sorry."

I was already dressing up that morning when I received his message. Devastated and hurt, I text him back, saying, "Oh. :-( Okay. I understand. I hope you're feeling better then."

To which he replies, "Haha. But...are you free on Friday?"

"We don't have work anymore on Friday," I tell him. "Why?"

And then the next message simply melts my heart. "Can you spend the day with me?" he asks. "All expenses paid. My Christmas gift. I've set aside Friday exclusively for you. No work, no hassle, just you and me. Hehe. So what can you say?"

And of course, I was sitting on my bed, getting ready for work, and I just simply melted - grinning like crazy and hugging my phone to my chest, and for a while I couldn't even formulate a proper reply. Finally, I managed to text him and say, "I love you. And I'd gladly spend the day with you."

And I can just imagine him whooping as he texted back, "So it's a date! Haha. Love you. Ingat sa pagpasok."

And just like that, my Christmas is just complete. ^_^

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