Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Coffee Klatch

I miss Seattle's Best Katipunan, something I only realized this morning when my dad and I dropped by to get myself a cup of my usual Almond Mocha Joy. Digression: the main reason why I get that drink is, aside from the fact that my tongue is already used to the flavor, the word "joy" really does perk up my day. It's like drinking a little bit of happiness.

At any rate, my old crush Eds (although now his nametag is the more proper and somber "Edward") was there; apparently, he's been promoted to manager already, and has ditched the red barista apron for the more classy all-black ensemble that looks dashing on him. It just so happened that all of the baristas I know at SBC Katipunan are named Edward - MorningEdward is my old crush, AfternoonEdward is Meia's crush, and EveningEdward, who I see most often, is this perky guy who gives me free stamps. ^_^

But honestly, I don't think I've ever felt more comfortable in a public establishment than at SBC Katipunan. A lot of my most heartfelt conversations occured there, and it became a sanctuary of sorts when my world felt like it was about to shatter. My friends and I could stay there for hours, talking and laughing it up, until the wee hours of the morning. Unlike other more established coffee places, SBC Katipunan gives you a feeling of comfortable peacefulness, like it doesn't really matter if you're a student or an employee or whatever - everyone's welcome.

And of course, the coffee's amazing as well.

Digression: The only reason I stopped going to SBC for a while is because of the Starbucks 2006 planner, which only requires 6 more stickers before I can finally have it for my own. I'm sorry, I'm a sucker for pretty things. ^_^ But I swear, as soon as this is over, then I'm going back to my favorite java place.

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