Thursday, December 08, 2005

Of Writers

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(Me and my big sister. Photo courtesy of Ginny)

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(Marie, Marvi, Gin, and myself. Photo thanks to Kit Kwe, snatched by yours truly from Ginny)

My 2005 Writers' Night experience ended with getting into a blue-green Honda Civic with two of the Philippine literary circle's pre-eminent scholars in gay literature (well, literature, period) while Los Chupacabras played in the background. Big sister G drove, of course, and we found our way along Tomas Morato just before midnight, looking for a late dinner and conversation. We ended just after 1 AM, and had to bring people home. During the drive along the almost-deserted streets of EDSA, with me singing quietly in the front passenger seat, with lamplight haloes coruscating in the light rain that started to fall, one of our passengers said, "Hey, I dreamed about this before. This exact same scene."

G replied, "Then this was meant to be."

It felt like a scene straight out of a movie: I was a mere spectator. It surprised me to find last night go along smoothly - the shift from a family affair at Megamall (my grandmother's exhibit opening at the Art Center), dinner with friends at Super Bowl of China, and then rushing to the UP Faculty Center, where this year's congregation of writers old and young were held at the Hardin ng mga Diwata. It was lovely to be with people I missed and friends whom I haven't seen for ages. Gandalf, of course, was the first person I ran up to and hugged for a very long time. It's hard to believe my friend and mentor is still the same, and I must touch base with him again soon. I gave him the only copy of my book that I brought (well, I gave another copy to Neil, because I also owe him a lot for my poetry; and Ma'am Chingbee, but then I owe her a visit as well) - I always promised him that my first collection of poems would be dedicated to him, and I made good that promise. ^_^

But it felt great to be with people like them - artists and friends and fellow world-builders. It lifts my spirit to know that I still belong in this intimate gathering of creators, this circle of people who are aiming to make a difference in the world through their art, and inspires me to continue with what I am doing, to start writing again, to finish projects for the upcoming year and be more than what I am right now. Maybe my exposure to all these literary events for the past few days serves to be a springboard for the following year, knowing that I have so much more to do and that this is only the beginning.

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