Friday, December 09, 2005

That Same Old Feeling

There is always that sense of anticipation that accompanies my Fridays as of late, as if I am walking blithely over the edge of a cliff, singing happily. I am the tarot's Fool over the weekend, always a new beginning, always teethering between excitement and folly and everything else in between. Saturdays are my shining stars, the day that I look forward to more than anything else, and it is always these last few hours in between that drive me crayz, knowing that seeing him again is just around the corner.

It feels funny, in a way, this excitement over seeing a person. After all, the last time I was this giddy was when we were still in college; the momentary thrill that I always felt when I saw him. I always thought that it had diminished over the years, but now I find myself grinning stupidly whenever I think about him, and about Saturdays spent together.

Of course, I'm worried once the Christmas season kicks in - how are we going to see each other, knowing that we both have obligations to keep? Everything is still too short a span of time to spend with each other, and perhaps that is the most difficult obstacle we have to overcome as of the moment. Still, wanting to make things work goes a long way. It doesn't feel like I'm carrying the weight of this relationship on my back; unlike the previous one, where most of the work was done by me. Everything is light and airy and fluffy, and no, I'm not talking about cakes. ^_^

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