Monday, December 19, 2005

Winding Down

Just came back from a week where I had to attend Christmas parties galore - one for the office, and the annual CC Christmas party. Abbi's last one, if I'm not mistaken, and so this was perhaps the last time that we would all be (relatively) complete. The unexpected and much-missed presence of Roja and Steph were welcome, and suddenly our doors were flung open to welcome boyfriends as well: several SOs of the members came by to pick up their beloveds and for a little bit of chit-chat. ^_^ I really missed my friends. And charades are always hilarious! (Thank you, Zena, for that brilliant rendition of "Like a Virgin" by screaming, "NO SEX! NO SEX!" which is this year's version of Tanya's "Finding Nemo" actions.)

There are more empty desks at the office nowadays - the Boss and his family have already flown to the States to visit his family, while the other Boss is holding down fort; Jacquie is out as well and I've yet to have her reimburse my expenses for last week, and Hiyas is still (presumably) out cold. Not much work to do either - the boys are just playing their network games and I am trying (in vain) to finish the dragon story for the January 4 deadline.

A lot of little things to look forward to this week: delivering gifts, breakfast with N, dinner with friends that I haven't seen for ages. The year-end tarot readings are also beginning, which is always interesting. I'm back to using my Crowley-Thoth deck, and setting aside the Art Nouveau for a while - somehow it is easier for me to sink into my old cards - chalk it up to age or to familiarity, but somehow correspondence and story-weaving is easier and more accurate when I use the Crowley deck.

2005 is probably one of the most interesting years I've ever had. Loads of rough patches, definitely, but a lot of learning experiences along the way as well. It's interesting how things turn out. And my Christmas is definitely brighter for it. ^_^

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