Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Flatlining Once More

The last time I pulled an all-nighter, I was in a suburb of Los Banos, watching Who's Line Is It Anyway? on cable TV and watching the sun rise after a cooling rain. I'm attempting to be coherent, but honestly, my brain is quietly shutting down. I wish I could go home to him, but he isn't even in the same city as I am, and so I must wait and see where everything leads. I've been whiling away the time reading people's New Year's messages and most of what I got are really "2005 is the pits" or "2005 was a horrible year."

It's not, really. Well, it started good, petered down the middle, went down the pits towards the latter end, and then picked itself up just in time for the changing of the guard. So we had our share of natural and national disasters, personal problems and not-so-personal snoops and sleuths: which year doesn't have that? I'd like to think that the universe was able to balance itself with its distribution of good and bad - things happen for a reason, after all, and I'm just not saying that because I'm in love. (Although it's a very nice reason to look at the world with rose-colored glasses.)

I wish I had enough energy to write. I am just so tired. My brain is a flatline, and I can't even read properly. All I want is to zone out in front of something. Or a bath. A bath would be nice. A bath and a nice bed. ^_^

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