Friday, January 20, 2006

Fridays Are Meant For Fun

So. T-minus seven hours 'til Jason.

This morning, I woke up just before 8, perhaps the latest I've ever gotten up the entire week. I had to go to my old office to pick up my 13th month pay (yes, FINALLY) as well as inquire about such boring things like my BIR forms and PhilHealth - which they conveniently forgot to follow up. Ah well. still, the money always helps.

Work-wise, it looks like a lot of things will be wrapping up while new projects are slowly moving forward. While I like most of our clients, even the more demanding ones - those who make you stay overnight at the office just to finish a Flash presentation that they requested not more than twenty-four hours ago kind of demanding - still, I generally am finding myself more and more comfortable when it comes to talking to clients. I suppose this is the "adolescent" phase of my apprenticeship here: the first tottering steps towards a semblance of independence.

And yet, I just HATE people who act all bossy and high-and-mighty, as if THEY are the only clients that we have and therefore we should be catering to THEIR whims without even acknowledging OUR part in the project. *sigh* Ah well. I suppose it's part of the learning process.

As one of my bosses said, "Ayan. Tao ka na."

Ah well. *rubs memory out of head* There's work to be done. ^_^

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