Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I Think I Left My Brain in New Mexico

Boss: Gabby, did you get the email [client's name] sent yesterday?

Me: Ah, yung Word document na yung para sa loob ng inside template thing...?


*thought process: "loob ng inside?"*

Boss: Sigurado kang taga-UP ka?


So, this week is going by incredibly slow. I still have about 8 hours' worth of transcripts to transcribe by FRIDAY and I'ev barely managed to whittle it down - 10 minutes into it and my ears hurt from all of the buzzing and the static. It doesn't help that the interviews were recorded on CD - the concept of pausing and returning to the interview is a lot more complicated now, and involves a lot more button-pushing. God, where did all the tape recorders go? O_o

I also have to finally edit that story for the dragon anthology, which is due Monday next week. The painful process of tweaking and editing is something I'm not quite relishing, but I acknowledge it as a necesary part of the process of writing. And my dad, strangely enough, got me the application form for this year's UP National Writing Workshop. Apparently, they've changed the rules, and I'm eligible again, and the deadline is also on Monday. And you know me - I'm thinking of applying again. Of course, right now, I still have to compile a few of those requirements - including one about a short presentation on the writing genre I'm currently immersed in. Argh - my affiliation with poetry is now broken! All I'm submitting are stories! O_O

Well, let's see.

And then...the Neil Gaiman thing. The Neil Gaiman thing which currently boggles my mind because I have a couple of stories I want to write, but I'm not quite sure how to go about it. I wish I ahd more time to percolate, but with a month's worth of time on my hands, and projects coming up by the truckload, I'm hoping to at least be able to submit a halfway-coherent story. Even if it doesn't win, at least there is an option for revision and submission to other publications. At least the story for the comics submission is already with my partner in crime, and it will be up to her to tell me if it's possible to adapt it to the panel.

At least creative-wise, there's no derth of options right now. What really worries me now is time, and the temptation that is SIMS 2.

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