Saturday, January 28, 2006

Little Lists


A few more things to be thankful for:

- my boy, for being around from Thursday evening until this morning, and actually sleeping over at my house for the first time. ^_^
- an invitation to write for one of the more well-known publications in the country that I may actually be developing a respect for. I love the intelligent writing and the content of the articles, and I might just be giving it a go.
- my short story appearing in last week's Philippine Free Press. ^_^
- another short story published in the Ateneo de Manila University's Philippine Studies Journal - The Literary Issue. ^_^ (Must drop by Ateneo to get my copy soon.)
- A lovely dinner with my friends tonight. (Yay! Pizza!)


And a few more things to remember to finish:

- the second chapter of the Custodio project (which, regretfully, I have yet to begin).
- my short story for the Neil Gaiman contest. (Maybe I'll just adapt and polish the rather haphazard script I wrote for Hiyas.)
- work-related writing and project managing.
- the NTF materials for Norman. (Sometime this week, definitely, because they have to present the mock-ups to the events organizers by the first week of February.)


And a few more things to actually fulfill:

- Jogging every Sunday. (I skipped the past two Sundays because I was at Laguna. Tomorrow's my chance to continue the already-flagging habit.)
- Eating healthier: no more softdrinks (check!) and junkfood (trying...trying...); less chocolate (again, trying!) and coffee (okay, I'll just keep on dreaming with this one). New healthy discovery of the week: the salad at Jollibee is actually delicious as a side order (Php 30) with Asian dressing, and so is the grilled chicken salad at Hotshots (Php 85) which is already good enough for a meal, and their vinaigrette is simply heart-melting. ^_^ Working at Ortigas Center certainly has its perks.

Now, if only I can break the MiniStop habit.

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