Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Mmmmm, Breakfast

I think this morning is the first time I've eaten honest-to-goodness real Rodic's tapsilog so quite some time. It brings back memories of when I was around 7 or 8 and my dad and I would have breakfast just as the sun was coming up, and we would always ALWAYS go to the nearby Rodic's (well, Lola Adang's, who happens to be Rodic's grandmother and the original tapsilog queen) and eat. This little styrofoam box with the best fried rice in the world is summer sunshine and cool, crisp mornings for me - I can happily eat Rodic's tapsi for breakfast every morning and never get tired of it. ^_^

At any rate, things are picking up their pace here and there and elsewhere. I have a really big project coming up, freelance-wise, and it threatens to overwhelm any semblance of sanity I've ever had. Ah well, it's a good project, and I get to help a friend out, and it will be over before summer, so there's not much problem there. What's bothering me more is revising the story in time for the January 16 deadline of the dragon anthology as well as writing the first draft of the story for the Fully Booked/Neil Gaiman contest, which is only less than two months away. The script, or at least the story, is with Hiyas already, and we can start with that thankfully. Still, it's nice to be able to tell myself that I'm still writing, even though it seems to have veered away from poetry.

(Yes, I miss it still.)

I don't know - the general plan for this year, at least creatively speaking, is geared towards production and publication. Oh, and crossing ym fingers for NUS. So here's the first step - let's hope it doens't get shelved because of laziness and SIMS 2.

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