Friday, January 13, 2006

On Getting a Post-Graduate Degree I get a letter from National University of Singapore yesterday, where I am applying for an MA and a scholarship for the following schoolyear, and they tell me that they haevn't received my transcript of records from UP as well as my TOEFL results. The TOEFL results I can probably recoup - after all, the ETS Testing Center is just a fax away, and I can always ask Prometric to get it for me. But the transcript - I distinctly remember my father sending it over last November, and it was the first requirement that I had sent over, even before I sent my application form proper.

At any rate, they need it by January 24, which means another mad scramble to the finish line.

A part of me is actually wondering why I'm doing this, why I want my post-graduate degree out of the country. After all, I'm already pretty settled here: the family, a good job, a steady writing career, an amazing boyfriend, an insanely stable group of friends...I mean, what more can I ask for? I made the decision to apply to NUS during a particularly bad slump last year, when I didn't know where I was going, or what I wanted to do with my life, and I just couldn't settle for a post-grad degree at my university. It wasn't because I didn't want to get an MA from UP, but rather I wanted to experience the world outside my comfort zone, and during that time, I would rather minimize the chances of running into some people that I didn't want to see.

And I remember thinking, during the first few days of organizing my requirements, The universe will work in such a way that I will have to choose between this chance at going to NUS and either love or work or both, because that's the way things work. And now, lookie here, seems like my random thought is coming true.

However, N is very supportive and like he says, "Sige lang, aral lang ng aral, habang hindi pa kasal." Which is true. And there has to be something more to this, right? And I end up thinking that this is perhaps one of those great life-changing chances that I have to take, and if I do pass NUS, then there's at least that's a year's worth of independence and learning and the academic chops that I may need in order to teach (finally) college English, which is the ultimate goal, anyway.

PS. I need new fantasy/spec fic books - either in series or as a stand-alone novel. Just don't recommend any Discworld novel, George R.R. Martin, or Robert Jordan because I have tried and failed mightily when it comes to reading them. Otherwise, feel free to leave a comment. ^_^

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