Friday, January 27, 2006

On Turning 22

They say that when it rains on your birthday, it means that your year will be full of blessings. Since they say that there's a storm headed our way, I'm crossing my fingers that the universe will be benevolent as I begin another year in this cycle of life.

I spent my last day as a 21-year-old scurrying around the office because we were having an impromptu photo shoot at the lobby of the 9th floor for our company IDs. We were given three poses: a formal one, and two "whatever-it-is-that-you-want-to-do-just-don't-take-your-clothes-off" poses. My theme was to be the schoolgirl (cute, fluffy, innocent) and the vixen (sexy, flirty, cool) - of course, it just had to be the stuff of porno fantasies. Will try to upload photographs soon - the outtakes are with one of our senior graphics designer, Paolo. Hiyas dressed up as a mysterious and snarky ball-goer, complete with a mask that we bought on a whim at Toy Kingdom; her other pose was as someone who had just woken up - complete with Sadako-like hair.

What was incredibly amusing was how a couple of guys from the office ended up cross-dressing for their wacky poses. Even our partner company's employees came out to check out why we were all rolling around the floor laughing our heads off. And believe it or not, sometimes they looked even better than us real girls. Even the bosses were enthusiastic about dressing up and goofing around. This is the effect four days of not having an Internet connection at the office does to you. It drives people MAD.

At any rate, the afternoon was spent at an ocular inspection of a photo shoot for one of our clients, which had us constantly ducking under scaffolding and wires, since the area was still under construction. Still, even with just the shell of the structure up, I was pretty overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the place. O_o But still, the dust and the overpowering smell of varnish and paint was enough to drive us back out into the driveway and, consequently, into the pouring rain.

And then, a wonderful surprise: my boy texting, "Where are you?" all of a sudden, and then asking me if I wanted to meet up for dinner at SM Megamall - a place that is slowly starting to become a second home to me. (After all, I always refer to the office as "home" already, which gives you an idea of how much I like my job. ^_^) And wonder of wonders, his birthday gift: he bought me a pair of jeans, a pretty yellow top, and PINK BALLET SHOES. Pink. Ballet. Shoes.


That is the best reason as to why I love this man. ^_^

At any rate, we had dinner at Sbarros, one of my favorite Italian quick-eateries of all time, and as usual, wonderful conversation just flowed out, words tumbling out of everywhere and nowhere. We moved to Bali Indonesian Blends afterwards (there were just too many people at SBC), and he was the first person to greet me a happy birthday just as the clock struck twelve.

And it just gets better. As soon as I get home, my dad greets me with a new radio. Seriously. A NEW RADIO. Remember that, dear readers? This is the long-awaited radio (with a CD player, of course) that he promised me on my seventh grade graduation. Ten years. It took him ten years, but he kept his promise. My dad rocks my socks off. ^_^

And as if the world just couldn't get any better, I receive two letters in the mail: my receipt for the TOEFL official score report (which meant that they had already sent it over to NUS), and my application receipt from NUS itself, which means that now all I have to do is cross my fingers and hope for the best. ^_^

It is shaping up to be a WONDERFUL birthday.

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