Monday, January 09, 2006

Out of Coverage Area

Yes, I know the template is wonky. I will fix that - if I knew the problem. The HTML seems fine, so I have no idea what happened. Still waiting for Hiyas to fix it, but unfortunately we're beginning to be swamped by so many projects that it's quite impossible for us to do anything about it.

So bear with this for a while, and I apologize.

Nothing much to report these past few days - work is getting in the way. But still, in between that and freelance work, there is always time for friends and writing. And my boy is always a breath of fresh air. Weirdly enough, our second month is coming up this weekend, and it just feels slightly odd to celebrate it, when it feels like we've been together longer than that. ^_^

At any rate, for the bored out there, check out The Most Peculiar News Stories over here. It's loads of fun - and everything's happening in real life.

There's a story here somewhere, I'm sure.

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