Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Periodically Speaking, We're Okay

I haven't had my period since October.

For most hot-blooded females, getting their periods is a sign of woe and suffering, of that most hated time of the month. For me, one of a handful of twentysomething girls who get their periods irregularly by some unknown mixture of hormones and genetic shortcomings, this is quite a blessing. Especially if you're someone like me, who has yet to exercise maximum caution when it comes to physical intimacy. O_o


What is probably the more draining part of work is dealing with clients who (a) don't know what they want, and (b) expect you to know what they want. I know that I have to be nice and polite and acquiesce to clients, whether I like them or not, because we're a business and all that. But that doesn't mean that I have to be all perky and friendly to them, particularly if they're making my life a living hell. O_o

Which is why I'd rather look forward to my side projects as of the moment, which may or may not include some work for my boyfriend's business, a book on the first Filipino oncologist, a couple of short stories for contests and publications, and a couple of children's stories (because certain publishing houses are soliciting already). At least this means that I don't have to slog my way solely through the landscape of copywriting and managing projects that are assigned to me. ^_^

Oh, and I have the first season of Lost on DVD, lent by one of my officemates, and American Idol 2006 starts tonight, so I'm all set.

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