Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Aftermath: Lights Out

So, we all thought that the electricity would be coming in today - after all, that was what City Hall and Meralco promised us. Out of twenty units, ten (including ours) are still in the dark.

Yesterday evening, the homeowners had a meeting. Apparently, it wasn't that easy. City Hall needed a licensed electrical engineer to check ALL the units' electrical system and proclaim that there isn't a faulty wiring before City Hall can give the go signal to Meralco to switch our lights back on. Unfortunately, such an inspection would take 7 to 10 working days, and would cost each homeowner at least Php 10,500 for said inspection.

If said engineer would actually happen to go starting Thursday (not today, since we are still looking for the engineer - the grown-ups are looking for their contacts), this would mean that, given these circumstances, our electricity would be back up March 3 at the earliest and perhaps even March 10 at the latest.

Louie is moving in at Lola's house today because he seriously needs to finish a lot of schoolwork that he can't do in an Internet shop or (obviously) at home. Bea is moving in with my mom's best friend, whose youngest daughter is the same grade as her, and goes to the same school. Even Ate Grace is moving in with some relatives over the weekend, because she's just go insane without even a proper fridge. (And yes, we don't have much food.) I am staying at home until the weekend - however, I may need to move out come Monday because I would probably also start going insane.

As Norman said last night, when I was venting out all of my frustration and anger and just plain weariness over the phone, I really need to learn to simplify things. After all, it's not like it's the end of the world. He was quite the Good Boyfriend last night, too, despite the fact that he was also tired and stressed (although he did win his games last night, when he played DotA with a bunch of his friends in Liliw) and here I was, asking him to come down this weekend even though he doesn't have classes this Saturday.

But there. We try to make the most of the situation - after all, this is where good friends and a solid family foundation comes in. It just sucks because just when I finally managed to be comfortable in our house after such a long time, the rug gets pulled out from under my feet. But, ah well. We all have to go through these things, yes? ^_^

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