Saturday, February 25, 2006

Better In The Morning

After the rantfest that was last night (or early this morning), I wake up the sound of my cellphone ringing. Norman was calling, following up details of this little project that we're doing for the bakery, and while I was bleary-eyed and the connection kept fizzling out - he ran out of battery, plugged it in, ran out of load, had it reloaded, ran out of load again, then I called him up, my signal kept disappearing, reappearing, and then disappearing again - but essentially I think the most important thing have been said within the pauses between sentences. Towards the end of the conversation, I told him, "You are sounding so much better than you have been for the past few days," and he says, "See? I told you. Just stick around with me and I'l be fine."

Somehow, it makes the entire week better.

Now, I'm slowly climbing back into full fighting mode. I have to finish the bakery stuff today, contiue the Gaiman story - I wrote the first few paragraphs early this morning, while having a very strange YM exchange with cousin Camila, that I am finally satisfied with - write the revisions for the print ad tags that the client has finally chosen, organize website information for a department store client, and fix up the studies for Monday. There are also a number of people I have to follow up come next week, not to mention two articles whose deadlines are due mid-next week as well.

The electricity will be back Monday at the latest - Tatay has already signed the reconnection papers, paid the fee (which is cheaper than what was originally quoted) and had our breakers inspected by the Meralco people. I'm (hopefully) meeting up with some older friends, close to my heart even though I've never seen them in quite a long time, and catching up with a lot of stories that I've probably missed. ^_^

So it will be a very busy day. And week. And the upcoming month we'll have been together for four months and it feels like forever.

All I need is a vacation (don't we all?) and we're all set.

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