Monday, February 20, 2006


Brilliant cousin quote of the weekend:

Cousin (with extreme seriousness bordering on fatal): Hey Ate Gabby, I want to win a Palanca.

(Everyone else at the cousins' table snickers or pulls a stoic face, except for my brother, Louie, who lets out an extremely loud guffaw.)

Me (attempts to wipe the grin off her face): Oh-kay. So why do you want to win a Palanca?

Cousin: Wala lang. It sounds cool. Bakit, mahirap ba?

At this point in time, trust me when I tell you that I may just have been adopted.


In other news, Gandalf and Paolo Manalo recently got in the 45th UP National Writers Workshop, which means they have a free trip to Baguio (inggit!) with the rest of the local literati. Congratulations! ^_^


Watched ZsaZsa Zaturnnah: Ze Muzikal this weekend at the extremely tiny Huseng Batute Theater at the CCP. Almost didn't get in, as out contact had mysteriously given up our tickets due to questionable circumstances. Spent most of dinner at the Icebergs at Harbor Plaza, griping with Ginny and Roja and lamenting that sudden but inevitable betrayal. Still, we decided to continue on, even though we had a 0.1% chance of getting in.

Still, the contact did push through - but there was just one ticket left, and with the three of us there, we decided to draw straws in order to get in the theatre. The other two would put their names in the waiting list, as they did allow stragglers to enter the theatre after the second bell, if those who had initially reserved tickets didn't show up. So throughout the first three songs, I was waiting nervously - yep, I got the lucky ticket - hoping that my friends would also manage to find their way to the narrow balcony seats, where most of us displaced audiences found ourselves in. Finally, two familiar heads popped up and I was relieved. I could finally enjoy the show -

- which was amazingly stupendous and mind-fucking-blowing and just WHOA like a load of crack. ^_^ Yep, good show.

And I had to loan off Ginny just to get my hands on the soundtrack, which was promptly autographed by Ricci Chan (Didi), Tuxqs Rutaquio (Ada), and Eula Valdez (ZsaZsa). I wanted Agot Isidro (Queen Femina) as well, but she was busy chatting up some audience members, so we decided to slip away quietly and make our way to the car, where we drove off into the evening, singing songs from the musical and giggling as we went along. ^_^

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