Sunday, February 26, 2006

Stuck In The Office

Stuck in the office, waiting to print out some stuff for the presentation boards, while the country goes to pieces. We've gotten the AM radio on and they've been saying that the coup is already done at Fort Bonifacio but the prayer rally outside the gates of the naval base is still going on, and over at UP, Randay David is calling for a Diliman Commune, and then there's still that couple of hundred people at Makati doing God-knows-what. State of emergency indeed. Isn't this interesting?

Still, all of these things won't change our deadlines, our day-to-day living expenses, the fact that we're still coming in for work tomorrow. I just wish that all of these people would stop doing all these selfish things for the sake of "the country" or because GMA is "corrupt and unfair" and a number of other ugly accusations thrown in her general direction. I mean, she's not the first President who's actually corrupt, or cheated in the national elections. So why make such a fuss now? Because it's during her term that things are reaching a fever pitch?

I mean, her stupid "state of emergency" declaration is already insane enough as it is, and definitely a bad move on her part, but then so is Colonel Ariel Querubin's move to disobey his commanding officer just because he felt it was unfair that his "friend" Philippine Marines Corps commandant Major General Renato Miranda left. And now people are convening at UP and Randy David is calling for a Diliman Commune and whoa! Manila is turning into a circus. O_o

And in the end, it still doesn't affect us. We're more concerned whether or not we'll finish all this work that we have, given the deadlines we are given, and looking forward to payday ("Teka lang, huwag muna kayo mag-coup," shouts an officemate of mine, "pagkatapos na ng sweldo!") and just generally going through our routine. It's selfish, yes, but then, what good will it do if we join these rallyists? Not only do we not get paid, we don't get our job done. See, this is why we're all going to pieces, kids: EVERYONE WHO'S INVOLVED IN THE DAMN COUP AREN'T DOING THEIR JOBS. Except for the media. 'Cos hey, they're doing their jobs.

Hay. I'm wondering how we're going home tonight.

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