Monday, February 13, 2006

You Can't Take The Sky From Me

Three more episodes: "The Message," "Heart of Gold," and "Objects in Space."

And then it's over. Firefly will be over.

I don't get it. I can't help it, even though I'm a million years too late to object to the fact that the stupid television station (Fox, for those of y'all who are asking) axed the show when they didn't even take care of it in the first place. And now you see all these Browncoats running around, five years after the last episode aired, still willing to chip in for new episodes, even just to get the entire first season made, just to give the show a decent kind of funeral - not the kind that the networks did, you know, where they stab you in the back and leave you for dead.

I know. I didn't mean to get sucked into this. I didn't want to, to tell you the truth. I knew it would break my heart. This isn't like The X-Files or Buffy, where I could just quit and come back and know that the show had a good run, had gotten to the end of its life and just managed to sit back and relax on its rocking chair, knowing it had done a mighty fine job making its mark on television history. But Firefly, Firefly is like one of those incredibly talented and amazing people that you mourn because they were cut short too early - they died because of some freak accident or sickness or just a piano falling on top of their heads one morning as they went out to get the newspaper. Something like that.

Firefly hooks you in, grabs you by the gut, and refuses to let go until you've made it through the entire ride. That's a mighty fine job for a small spaceship that flew around in outer space, taking the odd job, and manned by a crew of the funniest, most intelligent, and emotionally fucked-up people you can find. (Well, except for Jayne. And even he wasn't spared.) You laugh and cry and just be sucked into this whole experience and at the end of it all, when Serenity touches down on some core planet (because that's where you end up - perhaps Persephone, which is where it all began, anyway) and you get off the ship and you watch Mal and Zoe and everyone else climb back onboard and just fly off beyond the atmosphere and to their next adventure, that you can't go with them anymore.

And it just hurts to see it buried underneath the dust of fandom oblivion, forever relegated to the category of "cult following" or something like that. Maybe that's why the movie Serenity was such an important piece after years of waiting for some network to pick it up (and there's still nothing, by the way. Just some fuzzy radio static going on.) and actually say, "Hey, this is a damn fine show. Why don't we pick it up?" And I hope that the Fox executives, the idiots who didn't see the potential of this diamond in the rough, will be tossing and turning in their beds at night and wondering why the hell they made that decision to cancel the show in the first place.

PS. And yes, I do want my own copy of the DVD set. The original one - the one I would probably pay a small fortune off just to get it. Because the series deserves that kind of support. (Of course, if there are incredibly generous souls out there who can and will give it to me as a gift, then my gratitude will know no bounds.) ^_^

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