Friday, March 24, 2006

Early Morning Notes

Out in the Cold

So. Been sick the past couple of days - apparently (and this is something I never quite realized until Jilly brought it up) my fever got so high I was already having chills, which explained why I was going around the house yesterday wrapped from head to toe. It wasn't so bad, in hindsight: just a lot of sleeping for most of the day, fluid intake, and paracetamol. The fever broke sometime around mid-afternoon, when I woke up from my nap. Still, I haven't been sick like that for quite some time, and it was just my luck that I came down with some sort of flu in the middle of projects (and projects, and MORE projects) at work. Still, I'm glad I managed to take a day off to rest: I'd rather that then go to work sick and not being able to do anything productive because of said illness, and perhaps infecting people while I was at it. Still, am feeling so much better this morning (and it is quite early, if you'll notice the time) and I'm hoping there's still enough time today to finish whatever loose ends are left from yesterday.

Leandro is Love

And no, I didn't get a new boyfriend. Rather, I got my long-awaited college graduation gift:

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Leandro is a Mac PowerBook G4 (lovely, isn't he?) which I never quite expected until my dad called me up Wednesday morning to tell me that he was purchasing it, which pretty much had me floored. While I'm not a Mac user (and several people, including Ginny and Sir Butch, might throttle me for that statement), I have to agree that it's quite lovely to the senses: the smooth grain of the cover, the way the light bounces of the monitor, how everything is streamlined. Still, being trained to use Windows for so long, now I have to get used to everything all over again, especially since I'm a keyboard shortcut girl.

Leandro measures 10.9 x 8.6 x 1.18 inches and weighs 4.6 pounds. He runs on a 512 MB RAM with an 80 GB hard drive (swoon!) with a Mac OS X (I think it's called Tiger, and it's apparently the latest OS) and some other cool stuff that I'm still exploring. Now I'm wishing I had a digital camera (next project?) or a handheld video cam because I have a video editing program now, and I really have no idea how to use it. In fact, a lot of the programs here are really just eye candy: I would have been happy with a normal laptop that just had MS Word and maybe a few nifty programs. Still, Leandro is a girl's best friend now. ^_^

Summer is Here

And if the sweltering heat isn't any indication, it's the fact that the neighborhood children are coming out again in droves, screaming their tiny little lungs out while we're watching Sa Piling Mo and Pinoy Big Brother. (Ate Grace is a huge Juday-Piolo fan. Go figure.) No more school to keep them preoccupied in the evenings. Sigh.

Also, turns out Norman will be gone for the Holy Week - big family reunion on his mother's side in Butuan, which includes a visit to Camiguin (aaaaaaaagh!) and I'm left here in the city, dying of heat. Where's a beach when you need one? O_o

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