Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Day Two

Good things: I am finally, finally able to wash my hands off a project that has long been a thorn in my side for the past three or so months. It culminated sitting in a dingy office with old computer equipment and a certain sense of pride in knowing that I was instrumental in making the entire thing come together. ^_^ Pride, baby, pride.

And, if you check out Vinnie's blog, he's already made his announcement for the dragon anthology - and my short story "Capture," a story about the etymology of dragons and college photography, was accepted! *squee* That makes a total of...two short story publications since January. And since I'm aiming to submit something for Story Philippines sometime this month as well, let's hope that I get to write at least a couple more new stories since I've completely exhausted my stash of old ones - all of them are published at least once in either an anthology, a journal, or a magazine. ^_^

So this what happens when I'm running on two hours of sleep and a shitload of caffeine.

Bad thing: No word from him yet. :(

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