Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Last Day

And in the end, it was simply just a boy and a girl, sitting in a shaded part of the field, holding hands, and realizing that it wasn't really their fault that the relationship wasn't going anywhere. And while they both loved each other very much, the boy knew that he still had to grow up and become a man, and the girl knew that she didn't want to give up what she has right now just to wait for him, and to have it end in a way that is both messy and unpleasant. And so they both agreed that while they are still friends, the relationship was not working out right now. And so she asked him to leave her alone for a year in order to get her life in order again, and he agreed, even though they both knew that it would be difficult. But she has to learn how to forget, even for a while, and he has to learn how to grow up and mature. And they both knew that it was for the best, that it wouldn't have worked out otherwise, and that they would have just ended up hurting each other in the long run.

And afterwards, he brushed away her tears and kissed her, then took her home and said that he loved her one last time. And that is how they said goodbye.

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