Tuesday, April 25, 2006


When it rains, it downright floods. O_o

Stress levels at a maximum already at the office, given the number of live projects that we are all juggling at this moment. Deadlines are unforgiving, and the more we rush, the more chances there are of slipping. And then there's that huge writing project that I'm managing right now, and people aren't very cooperative and isn't it enough that WE MIGHT GET PAID ALREADY if we follow the deadlines. O_o And I don't know about y'all, but that's enough for me to get my butt moving. And then of course, a couple of articles in the works, which basically means that I know my deadlines but I haven't quite started writing them yet.

And then of course there's the writing. Bad me, haven't finished my Palanca entry yet. I'm usually drained of all energy by the time I get home, and so cannot even drag myself to the computer to write. Halfway done, but I still need time to polish and preen, and it's already the weekend! *tears hair out* And not to mention the fact that I might be out of town for the long weekend, which means that everything HAS to be done by Friday.

And (and, and, and) I also have a talk on Friday afternoon, and two workshops for children to manage, and ohmygod where am I going to fit my writing in there?


PS. If you're interested, my friend Camy has recently opened up her CafePress store, which you can view if you click the little label below the picture:

Origami Dreams

Also, my cousin Laika has also opened her own CafePress store, and again, her adowable designs are now available for your pleasure. Check it out at:

Laika's Depot

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