Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hello Copycat

One of the things that royally pisses me off is people who copy other creative works and pass it off as their own. Particularly people who pretend to be artists themselves but are really just posers who can't seem to wrap their heads around the idea that yes, Bohemia is just not applicable to a third-world country.

So anyway, this girl was performing her "poetry" last night at this place in Makati - I ended up doing PA work for a friend of mine on a lark, which wasn't so bad, because I got to wrap one of the hottest gay boys in the world with saran wrap, and I got to pop balloons too - and my God, can anyone tell me if the phrase "A tree awoke me," which she used in her performance, is correct grammar or not because my grammar-police sense is tingling and it sure isn't a good sign.

Anyway, Performing Girl was done stroking her ego for her first two "poems" and had started on her third, which involved audience participation. Since it was already past midnight and I was half-asleep in my seat, I wasn't able to discern what she was saying until I noticed there was an all-too familiar beat and cadence to her piece...

And oh Lord in heaven, I knew that piece. Sure, the words were different (but not THAT different; she just changed her images, that's all, but the theme and the message was clearly not hers) and she toned hers down towards the end, but that was Idina Menzel's performance of "Over the Moon" in Rent. And just to prove my point, I whipped out Leandro from my bag once my friend and I were safely in the car and played the first few seconds of "Over the Moon."

Let's just say I proved my point.

But lordy lordy lord, how dare you call yourself an artist, a true creative, when you have to rip off a popular piece (at least as popular as performance art goes) just so you can continue making noise instead of saying something? O_o

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