Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Possibilities Are Endless

All right. You'll never guess where I am. ^_^

I'm here in Seattle's Best Katipunan, using (for the first time) their Wi-Fi service. While this is the first time I've purchased a card for the Internet, the technology boggles my mind. Or I'm just easily impressed. But yes, I look pretty cool now, my stuff scattered across one table, Leandro making everyone else drool, and me just cool as you please while I type this out...

Okay, I'm done now.


The rain caught most of us unawares Thursday evening. Dripping and wet, I stumbled home after a rather hedonistic evening spent at the spa (yay massage and foot spa) and a lovely dinner at Gateway. Went shopping for cousing Laika's birthday gift as well, and found a lovely bar of dark chocolate at Marks & Spencer as well - the clothes there might be insanely expensive, but the grocery is relatively cheaper, but still a luxury.

At any rate, I suppose that summer is pretty much over: the sky is more overcast than clear for the past few days, and it's been cooler and fresher in the city than it's been in ages. Of course, once it starts raining, I can't really jog anymore around UP, which diminishes my already poor exercise habits. However, what I love about the rain is its capability to make me think, to wander around the unused pathways that I've abandoned during the summer. I am at my most productive during the rainy season, which makes the dark days my friend.


During lunch earlier, my brother told me, "You should've gotten your stuff from Norman. And you should have made him pay you for all the things you did for him. Parang ginamit ka lang niya, tapos nung tapos na, iniwan ka niya."

And I shrug and tell him, "Well, what's done is done."

I suppose, on the one hand, I can look at it that way and feel bad that I was (once again) the doormat, and that I had given up valuable time and effort and expenses doing things for "love" that was never really reciprocated. Or I can merely say that these things were gifts, and that I was glad to give them (which I am) and then walk away without a heavy feeling of bitterness that could have been inevitable.

Because honestly, being angry or regretting decisions is such a tiresome and difficult task and I would much rather focus my energies on something else - say, everything that I am doing right now - and just leave things at that. So yes, I was stupid for doing more than my fair share in that particular relationship, but what's done is done, and I'd rather not regret anything I did. It was a decision made, and there was nothing bad about it (I think) and if generosity and kindness are frowned upon nowadays, then I'd rather err on that particular side than be cynical about it.

And yes, lessons were learned - even if they had to be hammered into my head. ^_^


NUS results this month! The American Idol finals! (Wah! Chris Daughtry! Come back!) Summer movie blockbusters! More freelance! More projects! No more sleep!

It's good. ^_^

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