Monday, June 26, 2006

Sweetest Decline

(Somewhere, in the gray areas of cyberspace, my first entry is waiting for me to come back to it. Unfortunately, fate and circumstance is against me, and I have to rewrite this damn thing again.)

So here I am, spending most of last week reading and sleeping and generally trying to have as normal a schedule as possible before I leave, which is on July 24. I'm getting some work done on the NUS requirements as well, though I think it's going to cost me to have my chest x-ray, blood test, and urinalysis for my medical exam. Also waiting for the scholarship letter from the Registrar and the dorm assignment letter as well; hopefully, I'll have everything by the end of the month, so that beginning July, I can already wrap things up at the office and begin working on my requirements in earnest.

Also been reading quite a lot nowadays. Plowed through the first three books of The Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix already (of the Lirael and Abhorsen fame) – Mister Monday, Grim Tuesday, and Drowned Wednesday. Waiting for the paperback edition of the current volume, Sir Thursday, for which I am already itching to read. I love fantasy books for young adults; if I were allowed to pursue a long-term writing project, I'd love to be able to develop a proper collection of speculative fiction for young adults here in the Philippines. But then, I'd need time, finances, and a good enough story I can sink my teeth into. Sigh.

Anyway, I'm also reading a non-fiction book entitled Buried Treasure: Travels Through the Jewel Box by Victoria Linley, which is a collection of socio-historical essays about precious stones and their origins. In the To-Read pile is also Nick Hornby's A Long Way Down, which is finally out in paperback, and Black Juice, a collection of short stories by Margo Lanagan, which has appropriately creepy Dave McKean-ish cover. I'm trying to be a little bit more critical when it comes to reading, since I know I have to practice my thought processes to prepare for the coming semester of study.

Music-wise, I've been going through an '80s phase, which explains the sudden appearance of Mike Hanopol, Spandau Ballet, and The Police in my iTunes list. Also getting my pop fix with the entire soundtrack of the Disney original movie, High School Musical, which my siblings and I have latched on to as Our New Musical; my emo/indie fix with the Canadian band Stars (I highly recommend their songs "Tonight," "The Calendar Girl," and "The Big Fight"); and my OPM fix with the band Paramita, the etymology of which I will figure out soon, but from what I've heard they have fantastic riffs (look out for "A Dreamer's Lullaby," "Takipsilim," and "Hiling").

And as for last week, I've already started meeting up with friends to catch up on their lives and see what's going on with them before I leave. Tuesday was spent at Gateway with my college friends Kurt and Arvin (who has a girlfriend now, surprising us midway through dinner); Wednesday with techie buddy Jonathan; and Thursday was spent in the company of writers experienced and new, young and old, when the Dumaguete fellows went over to Malate to pay our respects to Mom Edith Tiempo, who was visiting Manila that day in order to receive an award. ^_^ And if that wasn't enough, Friday was spent at the Getaway Spa, where the lovely Hiyas treated me (and herself, of course) to a massage, after which we promptly dropped off to sleep for most of the evening. It was quite funny when we both woke up and realized that it was approaching midnight and we hadn't eaten dinner yet.

Good week. ^_^


Just a thought: Funny how things can change so quickly.

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