Sunday, July 23, 2006

Au Revoir

There's something to be said about going home early in the morning when the rain is pouring so hard that the cab driver can barely see where the turn going inside the village is going to be.

The rain is too dramatic for comfort.

At this risk of slipping into an emo mode, yes, all my bags are packed (as the song goes) and I'm ready to go. Just waiting for my clothes from last night to dry in the laundry, and hope that my sneakers will be fine tomorrow, but otherwise I've said my goodbyes, done my homework, and just hope that I haven't forgotten any important forms before I leave. Last time I checked (meaning, every night from last week onwards), I'm all good, so here I go crossing my fingers and hope against hope that things will be fine and that I can enroll and that my scholarship is really a scholarship and I didn't misread the letter saying I got the scholarship because nobody really writes to you saying you DIDN'T get the scholarship, right?


So there. Dean already warned me. "You will be lonely there." I'm acutely aware of that, and I know that I will need to learn how to overcome that and be more self-confident that I will be able to establish a semblance of home there, and maybe even be able to find a new circle of friends that I will be able to keep even after I finish my stint there.

But otherwise, it's all good. To everyone who dropped by yesterday and today, who took the time out despite the horrible weather and the busyness of their own lives, thank you thank you thank you. I feel loved. And I will not exchange everything you've given me for all of the world. ^_^

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