Monday, July 03, 2006

By the Pricking of My Thumbs

July 24 is just 20 days away.

I still need to buy shoes.

In other news, just got my medical lab tests done today at the swanky Medical City (lovely hospital), which wasn't as bad as I expected, except for the ZOMG NEEDLE! alert and the copious amounts of blood that they drained from my right forearm. I will always hate needles, and injections, and all of that medical stuff that they make you go through. Still, I'm glad we're right on track. May get the results by the end of this week, and then all is well.

Last Saturday, Jilly and I were in Megamall to buy my luggage - a GIANT red piece that rolls and dances and looks like you could conceivably stuff dead people in it without anyone the wiser. Somehow, I can't imagine having *that* many stuff to put inside, but then I may surprise myself. Also bought loads of underwear, learned the difference between Casual Panties and Going-Out-On-A-Date Panties ("See, they need to be black.") and bra extenders.

Me: *holds up pretty pink bra* I like this one, but it's still a bit too tight. Do you have anything that's just a size larger?

Saleslady: Sorry, that's our biggest size.

Me: *sighs, turns to Jilly* But I really really like this one.

Jilly: *shrugs*

Saleslady: Well, we can get you bra extenders from So-En.

Me & Jilly: *looks at each other*

Saleslady: *scurries off to get extenders*

[a little while later]

Saleslady: *triumphantly holds a little plastic bag with little pieces of cloth inside*

Me: What's that?

Saleslady: *perky* Bra extenders!

Jilly: *holds one up* Wow. They're literal.

Me: They look like little pieces of the back of the bra...

Jilly: ...that you hook.

Me & Jilly: *shrug*

Jilly: Parang nginatngat ng daga.

But still. For fifty bucks, it's not such a bad deal. And for some reason, underwear is now cheaper. Or maybe my spending power (yes, such terms!) just got stronger. Hah.

Now all I need to buy are some nice shoes (I'm thinking Mary Janes), a swanky pair of black slacks, and a pretty dress and I should be all set. Shopping for Singapore is turning out to be a good deal after all. ^_^


Leaving Kestrel by the end of the week. The only sad part in this otherwise fun experience. Sigh.

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