Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Countdown Begins

24 more days before I leave.

It feels like a slowly ticking time bomb attached to an important body part, and the gears are moving ever-so-slowly (it IS an old-fashioned clock, after all) towards an inevitable ending. Everything's starting to sink in.

I still have a week at the office, and I've lost my last Monday already to Araw ng Pasig already, which gives me around four more days to get my head in the game and start wrapping things up. A part of doesn't want to leave the office, just because of the attachment to the entire experience, and it scares me to know that after next Friday, preparations for Singapore begins in earnest.

So far, I'm ticking items down my list of Things To Do (while I'm here anyway), and I'm woefully behind. So today I'm planning to drop by the mall to buy stuff to organize the pile of papers that somehow represent my portfolio, my official papers, and my NUS papers, and perhaps get the ginormous piece of luggage that Hiyas and I had been looking at before.

Agh. Finality! I don't know if I can handle this. I'm used to being the one who's being left behind, not the one who's leaving.


I wish I had a digital camera.

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