Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Errand Girl

So. After one blissful day of spacing out at home - well, spacing out at Starbucks Greenhills, anyway - I found myself back in the office yesterday afternoon to finish up some things regarding the billing of one of my projects, and now I'm writing copy for another project as well. Sigh. You know, when they told me I signed over my body and soul to Kestrel, they really weren't kidding. >_< Ah well.

Anyway, managed to get most of my errands out of the way yesterday, despite the rain. Also bought myself the trade paperbacks of Top Ten: Beyond the Farthest Precint and The Forty-Niners. Now, if only I can recover my now-lost copies of Top Ten, I'd be a happier clam. As it stands, looks like I may have to buy another set. Sadness. However, Fables Vol. 7 is something I'm getting on Friday, and then after that, I swear I am NOT going to buy any more luxury books. >_< This is baaaaaaaaaaaaad.

Still. Am happy. Books!

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