Thursday, July 20, 2006

How Time Flies

Hooo boy. Four more days.

I haven't fully packed yet. And I still have to clean my shoes! I don't have any more clean clothes! This is HORRIBLE!

In other news, I still have to wrap up a couple of things with regards to freelance stuff. I'm glad a couple of clients are still retaining me even though I'm going to be a bit far away - though not as far away as a different time zone. But it's good, as far as I'm concerned. And I hope I get to start working on a number of outstanding projects and finally get my creative juices going.

What is really exciting about going to Singapore is really the idea that I can finally start taking care of myself. Here in Manila, I find myself caught up in the whirlwind of my friends' lives, and somehow I keep forgetting that I have my own life to manage. I suppose now, with an entire city as a new playground, I have a chance to reinvent myself for the better (there's always room for improvement) and to forget past grievances. ^_^


Still searching for a flat. Am getting slightly worried. I hate this stupid little detail hanging over my head just because stupid Residential Services decided to kick out all single students in favor of the married couples. O_o Stupid priorities.

Got a couple of leads in a flatshare website recommended by the school. Hope they bear fruit soon. Also in the waiting list for an alternate dorm that I really want to get into. I just hope that everything falls into place when I get there, because I can't properly go emo and write long-winding city girl angst blog entries if I don't have a roof over my head.


I just suddenly realized, Damn, I'll miss my friends.

Is there a way to ship y'all to Singapore? I mean, free of charge, of course.


I dreamed that I was writing for a You again, an imaginary specific reader who knows my innermost thoughts and desires. I dreamed that he was perched on the edge of the bed, shimmering like a dancer's silk scarf as it fluttered with the movement of the wrists. I wanted to ask You so many questions - do you love me, is this real, will I be able to write again?

Yes, he answered in a voice that felt like old parchment. Yes, yes, yes.

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