Thursday, July 13, 2006

Of Storms and Microphones

The wind is moving slantways across the city, reducing the glass windows here at Seattle's Best to mist and frost. The rain is almost horizontal now, and I'm almost afraid of venturing outside later. Thankfully, other people - students and business meeting people - are also ensconced here, all of us trying our best not to mind the cold and the rain, and feeling grateful that we are inside as opposed to outside. Everything is reduced to gradients of gray, as if the color was slowly drained away by an unforgiving storm.

The only reason why I'm here and not at home, buried under my blankets, is because of work and the general allure of wi-fi and coffee. Ever since I've discovered that Leandro is at his best when connected to the Internet, I'm slowly checking out the hotspots around the city ins earch for the perfect place. So far, I am partial to SBC here along Katipunan because of its proximity to home and the 10% discount I have for being a VIP member. I do wish CBTL would offer the same perks, since we're also there quite often (moste excellente tea). However, coming in a close second is the Starbucks at Greenhills Promenade, which I discovered last Monday: the architecture is vintage Starbucks, but without the claustrophobic feel. Service is good, wi-fi is fast, there are plugs (!) and while their coffee is just not up to par, at least I can work there without much bothering me. And of course, Fully Booked is its next-door neighbor. ^_^

I'm hoping to wrap up two major freelance projects by next week, just in time before I leave, and maybe finishing a couple of pitches that I can work on while I'm in Singapore. Not particularly exciting projects, but they pay, and I'm still in that mood where I want to get a cheap digital camera that I can use while I'm at school. A deal I made with myself: if I still have cash by Friday next week to buy the Kodak EasyShare C310, then I will. If I don't then - they ah well. It just isn't meant to be.


My little sister Bea says that if she was an inanimate object, she wants to be Ely Buendia's microphone.

She's just 14.

It boggles my mind.

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