Saturday, July 15, 2006

Rainy Days and Fridays

So. I'm approaching my second-to-the-last weekend here, and perhaps my last normal weekend in Manila, before shipping myself off to another country. It all seems quite surreal, as though one part of my mind is preparing for this inevitable uprooting, and another is just happy existing in the present. I'm quite disturbed by this apparent lack of clingy neediness that I am supposed to be experiencing as of the moment. Like someone had just replaced a part of my personality with something alien. I have a sad feeling that this is part of that new attitude I ended up implementing in ALL aspects of my life, which distances myself from whatever's happening around me, to be able to isolate certain incidents and experiences that could end up hurting me. Maybe I overdid it just a bit.

At any rate, those emotional walls are up now, for better or worse. It scares me, but it also makes me feel protected. Like, nothing can hurt me from this particular vantage point.

But then, you know what they say: the higher you are, the harder you fall down.


Residental Services emailed me this morning to tell me that they couldn't accomodate me within the graduate housing apartments due to the overwhelming (?) number of people who applied. This bothers me a bit because (a) I am an international student, (b) I'm a freshman, and (c) I'm on a stipend. Doesn't that immediately shoot you up the stratosphere when it comes to housing priorities?

At any rate, I'm glad that I managed to send out my reservation as well for an alternative off-campus dormitory, which I'm crossing my fingers that I can get a room there. I'm more worried about the commute, actually; Anne, my dad's friend who I will be staying with once I get there, lives at least an hour away from the campus, and I will need to take three rides (bus, MRT, bus) in order to get from here to there. It worries me, this part about navigation, because I've never been to a place where (ab)normal Filipino logic applies. But still, part and parcel of the adventure, I suppose.

So, off my list already: medical exam, Student's Pass, plane ticket (I leave Manila on Monday, July 24, at 2.50 in the afternoon - meaning I have to be at the airport bright and early), clothes and other paraphernalia. My books will hopefully be shipped there as soon as I manage to get a permanent place. Last things I need to get is a baro't saya because it's part of the list of things to bring, and apply for my Globe roaming number.

So this is where the adventure begins. My breath is caught in my throat, and I'm wondering how the hell I'm going to survive in another place by my lonesome.


My new toy is finally in my hands. ^_^ Margaret (Meg, for short) is a small digital camera that isn't as swanky as most of my friends' cameras (hell, it has a digital zoom, which Jilly says isn't cool at all), but I bought it for myself, and with my own money, and am quite pleased as a pickle about the purchase.

(Test photos to be uploaded soon, as they are on Leandro and not on the house PC.)

Does this qualify me as a techie now?


And finally:

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Play nice. ^_^

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