Sunday, July 09, 2006

Re-Arranging the Furniture

Okay, for those who are asking, I'm leaving on July 24, which is a Monday. That's because I need to show up at school on the 25th in order to facilitate my registration papers. Classes start on August 7.

And yes, I'll be keeping my mobile number around - apparently the roaming service of Globe extends even to prepaid numbers now. ^_^ Just please don't DON'T spam me because that's ten pesos off you, and one peso off me. So let's do both of us a favor, shall we?



Last day at Kestrel was surprisingly non-nostalgic. I suppose it was because it was more of a mad rush to finish everything in record time: including handling last-minute client requests and favors, fixing up my files and backing up my emails just in case someone needs some old files. There was literally no time to just sit back and think about things - which is just as well, since that would render me incapable of finishing my work.

But I did treat the office to pizza for lunch, which I was also quite happy about since I love having lunch with everyone at the office. If there's one thing Marc and Dean have managed to do, it's that to establish us as more than officemates - somewhere between friends and family. And I'm glad to have that couple of hours with them, just to remember that by. ^_^

And as Dean said, I did come into this job all wide-eyed and innocent and really not knowing what I was doing. And they did a great job in arming me with so many things and skills and experiences that I can use in the future. And I know that that was only the beginning of something that I can develop and hone in the future, and will definitely be able to take me places. And that, if not for anything else (though there's loads more I can say) will make me eternally grateful to Kestrel.


I've finally realized that I have to wrap up so many things in the next two weeks that it's slightly insane. But then, this is also the first time since I've graduated college that I'm having a kind of sabbatical that just fills me with joy and good cheer that I'm on a perpetual high. ^_^ It's lovely to be able to have time for myself now, and to be able to do things I want to do, and to set a schedule for myself, instead of having an employer or clients to dictate your schedule for you.

I'm just going through my mental list of things I still have to finish, freelance-wise, before I leave. I'm hoping to be able to finish everything, though it seems a bit more manageable than what I thought previously. I'm just hoping I don't slack off - the weather is condusive to sleep, after all, and the rain just makes you want to stay at home instead of venture out into the great outdoors.

Still, no pain no gain.

And maybe I really need to invest in a good umbrella. O_o


Now, all of my experiences are preceded by the word "last."

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