Friday, July 07, 2006

Seasons Change

Argh. Friendster is addicting. I'm on the "what does this button do" mode, which means that I click on ONE button just because and before I know it, I'm uploading photos and checking out who else is online and just adding people I know, and then ta-dah, now I have a Friendster blog which I don't even know if I'll ever use, but then let's just see how this segregation goes.

Crap. I got sucked in. Black hole alert!


Packed up my stuff at the office later, filling up one small box full of books and whatnots, and one plastic bag. Tomorrow, I just have to wrap stuff up: finish writing some copy, and submitting some last-minute things, treating the office out to pizza, and just generally saying goodbye. I was almost on the verge of tears several times during the afternoon, while I was cleaning up my desk. Nothing much there now except dust bunnies, and stacks of long brown envelopes carefully labeled and organized according to content. I hope this will help people when they re-organize the content of my projects - some of them have already come full circle; the others I'm quite sad to let go; and the others I am just HAPPY that they're out of my life now.

But there. It's quite weird to know that I'm going to be "unemployed" for the next couple of weeks. Slightly worried about the cash, since I haven't collected from my freelance gigs yet, and I am running a bit low (particularly after the pizza). I'm hoping the universe will provide, even just a little bit. Otherwise, it's adjusting the (already slightly inflated) drawstrings and tightening them again.

I forget that I'm soon to be a student again.


It's been raining again. Time to pull out the boots.

I wonder if it rains in Singapore.

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