Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cash Cow (Hurrah for Moo-ney)

I suppose I never really expected the money to arrive, and so I was totally paranoid that I had accidentally opened up someone else's bank account instead of mine. It only sunk in that it was real when I checked my bank account for the second time, en route to City Hall from Dover. It was real - I didn't have to spend another week scraping the bottom of the barrel and hoping that my stipend would come in time and wouldn't fall into various bureacratic traps that I didn't even want to imagine. I guess I got used to the way Filipino government schools were run that I was expecting my money at the end of the month - like, August 31-type of end of the month.

And I didn't expect it to be that much that I kinda went insane.

Well, a good kind of insane. ^_^

After doing the prerequisite study time at The Coffee Club at Raffles Shopping Center - with a nice tall glass of tiramisu mocha (Hiyas, you'd love it - it has liquor, nyuckers) and some finger food - I calculated the amount in my bank account and, after doing the requisite deductions for rent and utilities, savings and plane ticket for going back to Singapore for the second semester - you know, after I come back for Christmas break - I realized I still had more than enough to go around. And so it was time for me to hit the stores along Orchard and make up for a month of being a nice girl. And despite the insane crowds that make walking along Orchard Road like swimming through human bodies (well-dressed and high-heeled, though) I managed to buy a nice summer dress (on sale!) at Wisma Atria, and a pretty sparkly light blue skirt at HMV. Also got new sandals courtesy of Tinkerbell over at Cathay Cineleisure and some comics at Comics Mart, as well as Super Munchkin for my siblings. And finally, a new tarot deck from Kinokuniya! ^_^ This is one happy hobbit.

Of course, I had to control myself - and decided not to drop by the Apple store at Cineleisure, since they had this beautiful laptop case that I was lusting after, as well as the Mac version of Sims 2 (I'm suffering from withdrawal) which I was really itching to get my hands on a couple of weeks ago. I want to build up my little wants slowly - I still have to buy a shelf for my slowly growing stack of books, and maybe a nice rug or throw pillow for the floor. The laptop bag and Sims 2 can wait. (But hopefully not for long.) Plus, I still have to find a suitable gift for my dad's recent birthday - I saw a nice pair of cuff links at Robinson's earlier, but wasn't able to check the price. Hopefully, it's not so much out of my budget - I want to get him something nice in order to make up for forgetting his birthday. Hehe. Plus, I'm treating Anne out for dinner at a nice restaurant one of these days - next weekend, perhaps - since I owe her quite a lot for taking care of me the first week I was here. ^_^

I suppose it's true, what they say - money makes the world go round. Or rather, a little bit more money can make you significantly happier - at least until you spend it all.

Addendum: Title. *dgish* Bad pun. My apologies.

PS. I want the Pussycat Dolls album now. *sob*

PPS. New photos up on Multiply - check it out if you've time. ^_^

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