Wednesday, August 16, 2006

First Day of Class: Addendum

(For some strange reason, I can't post comments on Haloscan comments box - either mine or anyone else's. I have no idea why.)

Anyway, to answer Buddha's question - no, apparently literary studies does not attract the guys that can be considered as "hot" - in Poetry class, there are only three guys: Chan Siew, a dwarfed 60+ retiree from the Ministry of Education; Brandon, a balding, heavyset American assistant principal of a secondary school; and Nanda, a large Indian guy who's a new graduate from his Literature honors undergraduate at NUS. I'm not yet sure about my other classes, but sadly, it seems that Literary Studies is not a breeding ground of men who you'd like to have babies with - genetically or otherwise.

I think it kinda scares guys, in a sense, because literature is considered a "smart person" course. And since most of the students in Lit classes are girls, and girls who can think for themselves and argue in a logical manner (similar to Philosophy girls, I suppose), as well as can quote whole passages of Shakespeare and Milton, isn't exactly sexy to most guys. (Self-analysis: wow, that can be used as a post-colonial way of thinking, of placing gender as the Other...*lost in train of thought*)

Anyway, laundry's done. Still have to fix the problem of dinner if I want to get to school on time. ^_^

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