Thursday, August 24, 2006

One Month!

So. One month in Singapore. Hard to believe it's only been this short a time - I feel like I've been here forever. Well, not forever, but certainly longer than a month. My bedroom window now overlooks the bright twinkling lights of the harbor instead of the long, drooping leaves of the fortune plant outside my window at home, and the street lamp, and the horizon lit up by the moon.

I'm slowly getting into the groove of class, although I find myself having a more difficult time getting out of speaking from the point of view of the writer rather than the reader. There is no right or wrong answer nowadays, but somehow, persuasive speech has never been my strong suit, and I would rather ramble on than make a clear and concise point - at least during class. Writing my papers is another matter altogether. And I'm actually looking forward to a few of them, since the ideas are coming fast and freely, and I'm letting them percolate until next week, when I make my way to the library and actually start pulling books off the shelves.

Anyway, in honor of my first month here in Singapore, and as (technically) an independent woman (cue the Destiny's Child anthem), here are the top ten things I learned living on my own:

1. Food is always better when cooked at home.

2. Everything is always more expensive.

Addendum: You end up keeping track of every dollar you spend, and feel your heart break every time you fork over another couple of bills.

3. The universe provides when you least expect it.

4. Your countrymen are always friendlier when you meet them in another country.

5. You realize that English is NOT the universal language.

6. Buying bedsheets is a luxury. So is buying a bed.

7. Pass it forward. Kindness is sweeter given than simply received.

8. You learn that eating alone (as long as you have a book with you) isn't all that bad.

9. Limits are learned. Just when you think you can't handle it, something comes along that reminds you about your purpose in life.

10. Home is always wherever you leave the imprint of your heart.

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