Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Room With a View

So I moved in Normanton Park last night, wrestling with a ginormous red stroller bag and several items purchased at Ikea. I get the farthest room down the hall, which is fine, since it's more than enough for what I need right now. I have two closets, a nice springy bed, a desk, airconditioning, and cable TV. The pillows and sheets are my own.

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(My recently cleaned room.)

One of my roommates, Ces, helped me bring my stuff upstairs. It's really nice of him to help me out. Have yet to meet the other guy, Francis, who's Ces' cousin on his mother's side. So far, both boys are out most of the day because they have work and sports and girlfriends, which is nice because then I get the entire apartment to myself. ^_^ Last night I treated myself to aircon, though the breeze is strong enough at night that it's not really necessary.

Spent the entire morning cleaning the room - I can't stand the dust that collected in the corners, and the messy tangle of wires. Going to Ikea later to buy storage bins and baskets and clothes hangers, then off to Orchard to get some supplies as well. This movin in business is expensive work, but I can see how everything will look like as soon as I'm done.

Tomorrow afternoon is the graduate students assembly at school, which is now a blissful ten-minute bus ride away. Hehe. The perks of living near the school. I'm excited and nervous - I'm hoping to meet new people, and will hopefully manage to understand things despite the heavily accented English. I'm already meeting a number of Filipinos around, which is great - my roommates, Gail, and the people at the 17th floor (I'm on the 22nd) are all from UPAAS and invited me to have dinner with them last night. Sinigang never tasted so good before. ^_^ So yes, of course I joined them in the Tuesday Tambayan last night, and met up with fellow grad scholars from Nanyang Technological University which is great because that means I'm not the only one who's lost and dazed. In fact, I'm a bit more familiar with Singapore than them now - they've just recently discovered Orchard Road. ^_^

At any rate, this is the best part of my room:

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(Outside my window)

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(down below my window - the Normanton Park itself)

I tell you, it's fated. O_o

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