Thursday, August 17, 2006

Second Day of Classes

Asian and Other Modernities, under Prof. Phillip Holden, might be the toughest class I have, just because I am no longer used to thinking across broad spaces, to jumping from one theory to another. The cogs are still a bit rusty, and my critical thinking isn't up to par yet. I'm hoping this weekend will be enough to catch up on readings for next week, at the very least - there's already the first collection for Poetry class, an analysis and discussion for next week's critical selections for the Modernities class, and the Robinson Crusoe for my novel class, which I have yet to buy. There are also the supplementary stuff that I have to download from IVLE (Integrated Virtual Learning Experience), which is kind of like an online workspace that NUS operates within the campus network - though it's accesible as long as one has Internet - and pretty much has most of the supplementary media stuff that teachers can upload in order to make the learning experience more than just text and discussion.

Anyway. It just doesn't help that most of my classmates can recall, verbatim, entire quotes and passages from obscure theorists and writers, and aren't afraid to argue for their point of view. If there's one thing that UP was never quite up to par with when it came to training us Creative Writing majors, it's hardcore literary theory in conjunction with other topics in cultural studies. (In fairness, if that had come up alongside all the other writing requirements, we probably would have gone insane.

At any rate, I really have to start picking up pace with myself. I can't just lazily wander around Singapore anymore. This is why I'm here, and shit, I'd better be doing something about this so that my work will be up to par.

Doesn't really help that most food centers around here are closed by the time we finish, which means that dinner will now be at 5PM, never mind if I'm hungry or not. Because a three-hour class thrice a week will definitely make anyone hungry. O_o

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