Sunday, August 20, 2006

Vanity Fair

Because I know that Jilly has been bugging me about uploading photos, and because my Photobucket account is really, REALLY messy at this point in time...

My Multiply account!

Will try and organize stuff as we go along. ^_^


In an effort to fix my food problem, my flatmate Francis suggested Dabao, which delivers hawker food to your home. Unfortunately, the SGD 2.00 delivery charge is putting me off.

Still, if I'm just needing to stay at home, and order bulk meals so that I'll just have to heat them's definitely easier than going to school to eat, and then going back. Also solves the problem of staying in the flat and just ordering McDonalds. Plus, it's cheaper.

Might try it out this week.


To Do This Week:

1. Finish reading Okot p'Bitek's Song of Lawina
2. Finish reading Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe
3. Start reading the Introduction to Edward Said's Orientalism
4. Do laundry
5. Grocery
6. Finish article for Pinoy Village
7. Finish story for workshop

*head spins*

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