Friday, September 01, 2006

Waiting on the World

Just a quickie: I just went back to the flat to unload stuff from Ikea - I bought rugs and throw pillows, a bookshelf and a TV stand (which will be delivered and assembled on Monday), and a paper bag of onion rings. And then I'm off to Plaza Singapura with Gail, where The Devil Wears Prada awaits. ^_^

Tomorrow is a lunch date (nervous, I am) with a guy, and shopping afterwards with Andi. I'm looking forward to getting a small laptop case, and a keyboard protection thingy - never knew what the damn thing was called, but it protects the screen from getting scratched by the keyboard. My used-to-be laptop bag is now my school bag, and cramming papers, books, and an electronic device in there is not a good idea. And it's hell on the shoulders as well. O_o

Anyway, my favorite dorky guitar player is back with his third studio album and he's just sounding better and better. ^_^ Ladies and gentlemen, John Mayer's new video, "Waiting on the World to Change."

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