Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bullshit Alert!

So last night I wrote a pretty nice entry and then Blogger ate it up. I mentally kicked the system and was surprised to find it could do a complete jujitsu move on me, which ended up with my imagined self flat on my back and gasping for breath. But then again, it could be the haze.

Dear Indonesia. Please stop burning your forests. Trust me, I'm from the Philippines, the kaingin system is a load of bullcrap. You are killing my lungs because your goddamn smoke is blowing from Sumatra to Singapore and Malaysia, and now our PSI is over 80 and it's not cool anymore because I am racking up a shitload of electricity bills by keeping my airconditioner on because I CAN'T BREATHE. And I can't exercise in the morning. That is not a good thing. Thankyouverymuch. Love, Gabby.

Anyway, I'm done with the Ingrid de Kok presentation, which ran a bit over 3,700 words. Which is amazing, considering I just blabbed all over the place and analyzed the poems - four poems, to be precise - from head to foot. This shows that I am either having verbal diarrhea or attending all those writing workshops must have been good for me. I have also realized that I can finish a paper in under 48 hours. That is a good thing. Oh, and that I can talk bullshit without ever having to finish a text - yes, it's a UP mentality, I know, but hey, if it works, it works. ^_^ Still, that's one requirement down and #hsajhsgfds;oadsd6283y214y3291*U*&^^@ more to go...

I have also realized that strapless bras are a pain in the, well, several body parts. The downside of having ample padding in the chest area is that they have a tendency to spill over. *starts picking up body parts from the floor* It's crummy but the things women do for fashion anyways. Sigh.

I want to go back home already. Pollution was never so much fun.

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