Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cried Over Another Fantasy Character

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Yes, I haven't read them yet. Gail lent them to me and in between going around my rotation of required reading (and trust me, it ain't easy), I managed to finish the trilogy. I do remember reading Dragonlance: Legends in omnibus format back in high school, but I couldn't place much of them in context. Now I'm itching to find them again and re-read them, just for the sake of completing the circle.

But I cried. I was finishing "Dragons of Spring Dawning" and there was that scene at Godshead and Flint was dying on Tasselhoff's lap, and I just found myself bawling in front of my empty lunch plate and muttering, "He didn't have to do that, he didn't have to die..." and I mean, I didn't even cry for Sturm's death, and now here I am, mourning a dwarf! Well, okay, so I did weep and blubber through Gandalf's death the first time I went through "Fellowship of the Ring" as well, so I suppose I do have a history of getting all misty-eyed whenever I go through fantasy books. O_o

Yes, I know. I am strange. Stranger than most girls, anyway.


I just got back my research proposal today for my Asian & Other Modernities class. I got a B+ but I think it's mainly because I wasn't able to elaborate and narrow down my points because I wasn't sure where it could go as of the moment. But Dr. H. was right when he told me that there really aren't much critical essays that deal with YA as a literary text, but rather more as a tool for classroom learning. However, he did seem very enthusiastic about me forging into new territory, and that he's excited about the fact that I don't have much to trammel me into my paper. He did, however, hint at going into a more "case study"-ish approach rather than a generalized, all-encompassing article that will most probably be more unwieldy than what I'm prepared to handle in a month's time.

Will most probably also be able to work on Alfian Sa'at this week, and then force myself to finish Rushdie before going insane. Unfortunately, looks like I'll be preparing for two things the last week of October: a 2,000-word essay for my Poetry class, and the Rushdie presentation. I have a feeling I'll just fall back on women in postcol lit, since it's something that's interesting to talk about and will most prolly NOT kill me, but...argh. Rushdie is hard to finish reading. >_<

Otherwise, things are moving at a faster and faster pace. It worries me slightly, since I know that I have to do a lot of work when it comes to my papers, but I'm hoping the preliminary research I've done for the past couple of months will come in handy somewhere along the way. O_o


It's easier to be out of love than be in love. Still...

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