Friday, October 27, 2006


From one project to another, one paper to the next, in this endless cycle of deadlines and requirements.

Done with the Rushdie presentation, thank goodness, but still have to deal with expaning it into a 3,000-word essay. Up next: a 2,000-word essay on Agha Shahid Ali's The Half-Inch Himalayas, a couple of articles for a magazine back home, and my presentation on The History of Amnesia by Alfian Sa'at. And all of these things are due in a week and a half. My only technique to cope is to lock myself up in my room with the TV on mute and persistent re-reading of the text while drinking coffee.

Thankfully, stipend has arrived. Am not so least until I pay off the rent and utilities.


Tomorrow: The Prestige at Plaza Singapura! Yay!

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