Thursday, November 23, 2006

Closer to the Edge

So I'm updating this in the Graduate Studies Reading Room, because I'm done reading one of the novels we're going to be taking up for the exams, and because for some strange reason, I'm having trouble updating this blog at the flat. Which means there's either something wrong with the Blogger platform, or Leandro's being particularly stubborn for the past month. But then again, I switched over to Firefox and I still have trouble accessing Blogger, so for the meantime, entries are relocated here.

Anyway, en route here, I ran into one of my favorite instructors while I was an undergraduate. Ma'am Aileen handled my class in Teaching College English when I was a junior, and I still remember having to do worksheets and presentations for our final exam, and all of us had to pretend to be a freshman student and/or a teacher. I remember using the Tarot cards as a writing exercise in freehand writing, with the image as an anchor. I believe I got a pretty good grade in that class as well. ^^

So it turns out she's also in NUS on a research scholarship and that she lives in the same compound as I do! (Except that I'm in Block 1 and she's in Block 4, which is on the opposite end of the lot.) But still, it's just so cool because I really liked her when I was taking her class because she seemed so easy to talk to and to approach whenever we were having difficulties in her class, and she handled us in a very no-nonsense manner while at the same time making the class interesting.

On the going home front, I managed to get my ticket moved to an earlier date (so you might be seeing me sooner than you think!) and will hopefully manage to get some shopping done as soon as the stipend comes in - which generally happens to be my basic complaint when it comes to finances here. Singapore is a very expensive city to be in, and I'm back to college living, more so that I've ever done when I was in college. O_o Still, been carefully ticking items off my list, and slowly getting things done. Hopefully, I'll also manage to squeeze in a bit of writing over the break: one of the things my instructors here are always quick to tell me is that stylistically, I'm a very strong writer, but in terms of structrue, I'm all over the place. Must work on that.

Anyway, with two exams coming up in the next two weeks, and a bit of backlog when it comes to reading - I skipped two novels in one class, which means I have to review doubly hard - I really have to bring my grades up to par. My research paper in my Asian and Other Modernities class came in already, and I'm mildly disappointed in myself for getting a B+ on it, even though I know that it really needed more direction than what I put into it. Still, I'm treating it as a learning experience, and hoping to do much better in the exams. *crosses fingers*

In the meantime, I'm happily busying myself with going through the entire first season of House MD (an early Christmas present to myself) and taking a break before plunging into the last round of studying for the exams. :)

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