Monday, November 06, 2006

Courtesy Goes a Long Way

It's a Monday and I'm already beset by little disappointments. Nothing much, really, just water sliding off a duck's back (is it a duck even? Or some other animal?) and trying to get some work done in order to be on track with things.

I'm just amazed at how some people can be so callous when it comes to making plans. I mean, I would rather that, when inviting someone to go out, just tell me whether or not you can make it outright, rather than saying "Yes" and then completely rescinding such an answer a few minutes later just because you feel too lazy to go out. Have a bit of consideration, for God's sake. Or have you been too inundated by non-human contact that you've totally forgotten the basic rules of courtesy?

It's just completely impolite, and that was such a bullshit excuse. And honestly, after that, I'm completely convinced that heterosexual Singaporean men have absolutely no concept of courtesy. (And please, don't use the excuse that you "sacrificed" a lot for a girl - a couple of 5-dollar meals at food centers do not cut it.) Irritating, I swear. I mean, granted, a lot of Filipino guys are bastards, but at least they're very polite when they're screwing you over. >_<

In other news, I have two more weeks before all goes to hell, and I'm reading House fanfics. O_o

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