Sunday, November 05, 2006

Stress Reliever

Just got home from a night out hanging out at Marissa's place with Nathan, Yeo Huan (YH), and Julia. Someone got drunk, another one comes out of the closet, one learned how to smoke, a few learned how to do the fandango, and two drank Bailey's. Just try and figure out who did what. ^^

'Course, it was pretty funny to see ____ fumble on the floor while we were putting on our shoes and he was pretty much weaving as we walked down the sidewalk at 3.30 in the morning. I was actually more afraid that he'd trip into one of the ditches and we'd have to deal with a broken ankle as well as inebriation.

So this is what grad students do when we're running out of time. We get drunk (well, them) and talk about sex and religion.

Highlight of the evening: singing at the top of our lungs to Train's "Drops of Jupiter" at half past midnight and waking up the neighbors. O_o Still, am glad that today went well. Got some work done - particularly focusing on my Asian and Other Modernities paper - and will most prolly hit the library tomorrow...

...if I wake up on time.

In other news: two more weeks and the semester's done!

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