Wednesday, December 06, 2006

All My Bags Are Packed (Once Again)

So it's confirmed. It's official. The letters have been passed, the emails have been forwarded, the plans are, well, planned. The Dans clan is going to Hongkong for the annual post-holidays vacation. I suppose everyone got sick and tired of always going around the Luzon area (we visited Montemar in Bataan thrice in the last seven years, and Tagaytay twice, and that infamous vacation at Caliraya with the icky sheets and the lack of decent food) that Lola finally decided to go global. This year Hongkong, next year, TEH WORLD.

Of course, I think it's just because of Disneyland. :)

Of course, cousin Laika's evil laughter confirmed the fact that I'll be rooming with her and her older sister (a bully to the nth degree), which would be fine if there were THREE beds instead of TWO. This means...sigh. (And yes, as of now, I'm praying there's a couch.)

When I was younger, and during one of these post-Christmas Dans trips (that year, I think we were at Clark), I had the amazing (mis)fortune to be rooming with Laika and Camila, another cousin who's my age. We put the two twin beds together and climbed in, and I was on one side, and Laika was on the other, and Camila was in the middle. It was all good.

That night, I dreamt that I was drowning, that I was underwater and struggling to reach the surface. Bubbles surrounded me. I kicked and flailed, but to no avail. And then, carefully, I rose to consciousness -

- and discovered that, during the night, Laika and Camila had rolled over AND LANDED ON TOP OF ME. Yes. The two of them. I think that was what stunted my growth.

Betcha Freud never guessed that.


The night before we leave for our respective home countries, a bunch of us decided to meet up and basically stay up the entire time until we have to go to the airport and fly off. In light of this, I managed to pack way WAY in advance, which means that I now have no more clothes and very very VERY few pieces of underwear left.

Oh well. There's such a thing as enthusiasm. And recycling.

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